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Dr. MacIntyre is dual-board-certified in general and forensic psychiatry. He is a core faculty member of the UCLA Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship. Dr. MacIntyre has experience in a wide variety of psycho-legal evaluations, including writing clear, effective reports and providing thoughtful testimony.
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Criminal Evaluations & Consultations

Dr. MacIntyre has training and experience in a range of criminal areas including:
Civil Evaluations & Consultations

Dr. MacIntyre has training and experience in a range of civil areas including:

Difficult Discussions – What to Do When Our Patients Disclose A Sexual Relationship with A Prior Provider
M. MacIntyre, Southern California Psychiatrist, June 2022

People v. Sanchez: Hearsay evidence and expert witness testimony
Vivian Alvarez-Toro, Michael R. MacIntyre, and Charles Scott, American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Newsletter, Winter 2022

Voluntary intoxication, homicide, and mens rea: Past, present, and future
M. MacIntyre, et al., Behavioral Sciences & the Law, April 2021

Physician, Protect Thyself: Why Psychiatrists Should Be Aware of Their Internet Presence and How to Protect Themselves
M. MacIntyre, J. Appel, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, April 2021

Legal and Ethics Considerations in Reporting Sexual Exploitation by Previous Providers
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Safety preempted: When EMTALA and restraining orders collide
M. MacIntyre, J. Appel, American Journal of Emergency Medicine, September 2019

Articles as medical correspondent for ABC News, July 2018

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